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Senate recommends ATP, bike sharing program

In a semi-reprisal of her appearance in previous weeks, ATP President Liz Soehngen came before Senate last Thursday to gain formal student approval of the local colony’s national affiliation process.

“I guess I’d like to start off with a couple of things that we’re not. We’re not a group of BFFs who wanted to become sorority girls,” Soehngen said. “Basically, we have three tenets: the first is scholarship, the second is service, and the third is strength… academics are part of our culture. We all happen to be here to study but we also want to hang out with girls who are like us…we think we serve a unique sector of the Knox population. I do not think I would have fit in at any other sorority. I looked into Pi Phi, and I think they’re very lovely ladies, but we really like being ATP. We think that there have been women like us and there will continue to be women like us and if they want to do Greek life they should be able to. So, that leads to nationalization. In order to nationalize, we need to come before you so that we can go for a faculty vote.”

Soehngen continued on to speak to the benefits of nationalization, and how it would bring more resources and support to both ATP and the campus as a whole.

“Basically, we’d like to provide another option for women on Knox campus. It’s 60% girls here but we’ve only got three sororities when we’ve got five fraternities. That seems a little weird to us. What would nationalization mean for [the] Knox campus? It would mean more options for involvement in Greek life for people who are interested. It would bring a new perspective to the current Greek situation.”

After a very brief discussion, the vote to approve ATP passed with unanimous consent.

Next, former Sustainability Committee Chair Abby Pardick and several others presented the second ever Green Fee proposal on behalf of KARES.

Basically, we want to start a bike sharing program here on campus,” Pardick said. “We’re asking for 15 bikes.”

The presentation covered all aspects of the $3500 request, such as bags and baskets for optional use on the bikes and tools and supplies for bike maintenance. All the tools are for upkeep and minor fixes. The presenters stressed that this was a pilot program, with room for expansion in the future. The rental procedure would involve signing a three-day contract, which would be linked to the Honor Code.

After a fairly civil and productive discussion about parallel programs at other schools and potential pitfalls, the chamber passed the Green Fee proposal.

Finally, Senate approved the creation of the Baked Benevolence club and three additional fund requests: $800 to APA for The Symposium, $677 to the Business Club for a Chicago Trip, and $1089.20 to Chemistry Club for demonstration materials.

After fund approvals this week, the Student Senate Discretionary Fund had $16,167.80 remaining for the year.

Student Senate sessions are held every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Round Room of CFA.

Andrew Polk

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