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Caf Adventures: Healthy options for finals food

With finals coming up, stress levels are rising. Most of us turn to food when we’re stressed out. When you have the urge to splurge, however, treat yourself to something sweet but calorie-light with these quick recipes.

Yogurt Crunch

2 spoonfuls of plain yogurt (near the butter)

3 teaspoons jam (any flavor you like)

1 scoop granola

Caramel topping

Mix together the yogurt and jam in a bowl. Top with granola and caramel topping.

Note: You can also use the pre-flavored yogurt.

Yumi’s Toasty Treat

1 slice bread, toasted

2 tablespoons chocolate- butter spread (near peanut butter)

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 scoop ice cream or frozen yogurt

Granola for topping (optional)

Toast the bread. Top with chocolate-butter and peanut butter. Add scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt and sprinkle some granola on top. Enjoy!

Sarah Kurian

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