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Henhouse Prowlers plays packed house

Budde’s on Main was packed by people there to see the bluegrass band Henhouse Prowlers, formerly Sex Fist. The audience was loud, drinking and dancing and occasionally singing along with the band. The five-member band started playing at about 9 p.m. and was still going strong at 11 p.m. They played a variety of instrumental songs and bluegrass ballads, singing about everything from prison to homegrown tomatoes.

Henhouse Prowlers played Knox last spring, and thus had already developed a following at the school, evidenced by the large number of students present at Friday’s concert. The concert was as much a party for the audience as a musical experience.

Everyone seemed engaged by the music, and their combination of warm musical licks with often melancholy and nostalgic lyrics garnered positive comment from most. Each of their songs received applause when they finished, and even after the intermission close to 100 people remained for the second half of the show.

As the evening progressed, people moved in closer to the stage, and the number of people dancing began to increase. The band, including musicians playing double bass, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and banjo, was illuminated from behind by the street front window and was very engaged with the audience, playing right up at the edge of the stage.

Henhouse Prowlers next concert will be at Shorty’s Bluegrass festival in East Peoria on March 6.

Ben Reeves

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