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Former mayor, Sheehan, running for reelection

Bob Sheehan, 54, graduated from Knox in 1977. There he coached soccer, indoor and outdoor track. He is married but does not have any children.

How do you plan to address the safety of off-campus students and Galesburg residents in the greater Galesburg community?

Sheehan believes the most troubled area around Knox is Tompkins. He thinks that the city needs to devote more attention to it. He said, “Galesburg is generally safe,” but that these areas and certain houses need to have their individual problems addressed.

How do you see Knox fitting into the community at large?

“Knox is obviously a great institution,” said Sheehan, but the relations between the Galesburg community and Knox are “like a roller coaster.” He wants to see more acceptance by both Galesburg citizens and the Knox community alike. Sheehan wants to break down the “invisible walls between Knox and the city.”

Do you believe that the resources at Knox College have been of benefit to the community? How do you think Galesburg could better use the resource that is Knox College?

He believes that some resources are used well, but the student body is the best resource and it currently needs to be used differently. He used to get people from Knox to help out with community events. For example, the Knox football team volunteered for the Easter egg hunt last Sunday.

Why do you want to be the mayor of Galesburg?

He has been mayor for eight years, but thinks that Galesburg is struggling economically. Sheehan wants to help the struggle, and thinks he can do a better job than the other candidates. He sees room for improvement in creating a sense of well being and attracting more employers to expand the population, rather than losing it.

How do you plan to address the issue of Galesburg’s growing poverty?

“The mayor can’t do it alone,” Sheehan said. He also stressed the mayor needs to work with social agencies and Knox County housing so they can all work together to help rehabilitate places around town.

What do you see as Galesburg’s greatest strengths?

“The people are the greatest strength in Galesburg,” said Sheehan. “We need to help people improve themselves and improve ourselves.” He wants to see Galesburg residents once again be proud of where they come from.

Liz Thomas

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