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A new center results in a new associate dean

Not only is the person holding the position of associate dean of the college changing, but also the position itself. As Associate Dean Stephen Bailey steps down at the beginning of the next calendar year, he will be taking some of his current responsibilities with him to his new position as director of Knox’s new Center for Research and Advanced Study. This leaves partially undefined role for English Department Chair Lori Haslem to fill.

The Center for Research and Advanced Study

The Center for Research and Advanced Study is the final center to come into fruition of those planned in 2000 and 2001. These centers were the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Center for Community Service, the Center for Global Studies, and the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development. As director, Bailey hopes to use the Center to increase the number of research opportunities available to Knox students and faculty, as well as monitor and evaluate internships and other programs for their merit and usefulness. Bailey says that currently “students have to do a lot of work to find internships, and that may be a good thing,” but he wants to make sure that Knox students are able to access any opportunity that may be available to them.

Bailey does not want to step on the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development’s toes, however, saying that they work well finding internships in the Galesburg and Chicago areas, but by using Richter Grant money students would be able to be involved in internships all over the world. Bailey cited service internships specifically.

Even though Bailey, the longest-serving associate dean in Knox history, is changing jobs after 20 years, he is taking the parts of his current job that he loves the most with him to his new one. He says, “I will be working with the part of the job I love the most: finding students opportunities.”

The new associate dean of the college

Associate Professor of English Lori Haslem will be taking over the role of associate dean on Jan. 1, 2010. She is excited to “work with the students in a different capacity.”

Haslem has been serving as the chair of the English department since winter term 2004 and will likely be replaced by Associate Professor of English Rob Smith.

Haslem said that the hardest part about the decision was “giving up teaching and the stairs.” Haslem’s office is currently located on the third floor of Old Main. She does hope to continue to teach one course a year as well as head independent studies, depending on her new responsibilities as associate dean, which are still being ironed out between her and Dean of the College Lawrence Breitborde. The position of dean is a 12-month responsibility as opposed to the nine-month responsibility of teaching, but Haslem hopes to continue her scholarly work as well as trying to teach and have time with her family.

While she will be giving up her current committee work, such as the Board of Internet and Publications, she will be taking on new committee work including chairing the Academic Standing Committee.

Haslem says, “It will be intimidating to step into Bailey’s shoes,” but she is looking forward to “enhancing or handling differently” the parts of the job he has left her, as well as the new responsibilities that have yet to be decided.

Amy LaBudde

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