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Thoughts from the Embers: SNU snafu

Okay, true: putting up a poster of a woman swooning as if roofied into the arms of a man she’d probably met that evening may not have been the wisest or most sensitive way to advertise SNUs 007 party. James Bond, suave though he may be, would not be invited to speak at a meeting of the National Organization for Women, and it’s understandable that some people felt uncomfortable about a party being portrayed as an extension of Bond’s libido.

On the other hand, SNU is generally the frat with the least offensive parties: Party with a Heart On is a lot less skanky-sounding than Hot for Teacher, say, or Pimps and Hoes. This whole situation kind of reminded us of that time last year when the administration was just shocked to find mountains of beer cans in a fraternity basement. We look the other way nine times out of ten, and woe betide the tenth offender.

Which isn’t to say we shouldn’t look harder at the other nine. One thing the Greek Task Force indicated was that many women at Knox don’t feel comfortable at frat parties: it wouldn’t surprise us if theming every party after aggressive sexual conquest isn’t helping the situation. We’d like to have a conversation about coming up with more creative, less sleazy themes for all Greek parties, but until we do, let’s not shout at SNU like they’re the only ones doing it.

TKS Staff

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