Thoughts from the Embers: Impeachment

Flunk Day! Flunk Day!

When you think about it, it’s amazing that Flunk Day came and went and nobody died. One would think multiplying wasted kids by slippery foam pits and mechanical bulls would result in considerably more carnage than we experienced this year. Like Xavier Romano said, we saw a lot of people watching each other’s backs out there on Wednesday. Good job, us.

On an eco note, we also appreciated the lack of a mega-mass-produced Flunk Day favor. The sustainability factor of last year’s plastic piggy banks made from recycled denim was considerably diminished by the fact that, recycled though they might have been, we commissioned the creation of 1,350 pieces of unnecessary crap. Making only 300 Flunk Day bracelets might have disappointed some students, but most of them would probably have lost theirs in the mud pit anyway. It’s nice to see us learning from our mistakes.


Student Senate President Elaine Wilson is not going to be impeached. Most kids at Knox are probably still apathetic about this whole issue, despite the action in the Discourse section, and Senate seems to be solidly behind her. It’s easy to see why some students think bringing this up at the end of the year is a petty move.

Still, we’re glad someone’s finally talking about it (we say that every time). The reason Senate has been able to get away with such breaches in professionalism and sensitivity (and let’s be honest, Elaine didn’t invent that,) is because nobody has paid enough attention to make a stink about it. So what if she doesn’t actually get impeached? So what if the camera brought to Exec wasn’t actually rolling? Senate’s problem has been accountability: the simple proof that citizens are now watching them is enough to make a difference.

Everyone at Knox is responsible for holding up the illusion that this campus is a microcosm of the real world. Obviously, nobody is going to care how or why feminists were denied a house in ten years, but if we don’t fake it for a while, we’ll never learn how to stand up for ourselves in the real world. This is why our community needs people who are willing to agitate about our representation in student government and take the crap that comes with it. Knox is practice, and we’re happy to see people taking it seriously.

TKS Staff

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