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Thoughts from the Embers: Enforce educational plans

Ed plans

Looking back as seniors, some of us wish we had bothered to pay attention to an educational plan back when we were in the position of making plans. By the time we’ve been here for four years, most of us have taken at least a couple of classes we wish we could untake. It’s hard to know what you want to do at Knox when you first arrive from high school, and an educational plan would have been a good opportunity to, well, plan it.

But since it seems that many of us either chose not to take that opportunity or did not have it presented to us with enough force to convince us to take it seriously, do they still really have to make us do it? Writing about what we hope to get out of our Knox educations seems a little silly and sad as we try (and fail) to get jobs for when we complete them in three weeks.

It seems like people are already figuring this out, but the faculty needs to standardize and enforce the educational plan system if they want it to be anything but another chore to be half-assed in the last weeks of college. Even if the planning stage of our school careers wasn’t blatantly over, writing a reasonable educational plan would certainly fall dead last on any senior’s to-do list when pitted against honors projects, job hunts, apartment searching, final hangouts, the Knox exit survey, and all the other little things that keep cropping up at the end of our last spring on campus. Educational plans are a good idea that could help people to spend their time here wisely and productively, but if we can’t do it right, we shouldn’t do it at all.

Our survey

Thanks to everyone who took our readership survey last week (well, except for the people who used it as an opportunity to call us ugly smelly jerks anonymously). We’ve read your suggestions, and will take them into consideration as we embark on a new volume of TKS. Next week’s issue will be the last paper made by this year’s senior staff, so be sure to keep the feedback coming for the new guys as well. Thanks for reading!

TKS Staff

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