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Union Board brings magician to campus

Describing himself as “like a magician but cooler,” Justin Kredible drew a full house to Kresge in the pouring rain last night. Kredible combined quick sleight-of-hand and rapid-fire jokes both dirty and clean to make the latest Union Board event a solid success.

Kredible launched his magic career at a young age. After breaking both of his arms at the age of twelve attempting a daring bike trick, his doctors told him to take up card tricks to improve the dexterity in his hands. His website,, said Kredible “officially turned pro when his parents hired him to entertain at his sister Ashley’s fifth birthday party. He bombed, but was not deterred.”

Kredible’s acts featured classic tricks, like the rope and ring trick and guessing cards, as well as some new ones, like one in which he drew a bowling ball on a pad of paper Demetri Martin-style and then dropped an actual bowling ball out of it, causing the drawing to disappear. Some of his jokes, too, were oldies.

“I actually learned this from a Chinese magician, Fu Lin Yu,” Kredible said of his rope and ring trick.

Kredible’s humor was mostly aimed at a college audience, as he talked about Galesburg being like “the Vegas of the Midwest, in zero ways,” and “popping” an audience volunteer’s “magic cherry.” Still, he was able to adjust his style for Sylvia, the five and three-quarters-year-old daughter of professors Tony Prado and Robin Ragan, when he picked her to be an audience volunteer.

“That was like a flying fart!” he said, after blowing up a balloon and letting it fly into the audience. Kredible eventually sent Sylvia offstage with a pink balloon doggy, though she’d asked for a horse.

The most remarkable thing about Kredible’s act was his speedy execution. Even stage volunteers didn’t know how he did it.

“I tried to peek under the table, but I didn’t see anything,” said sophomore Kelsey Ingle of a trick in which Kredible made a table float using only a handkerchief draped over it.

“It’s like you’re on mushrooms!” Kredible said while steering the table around the stage and into the audience.

Student Life Coordinator Jenn Snider thought Kredible was worth the $2,600 Knox paid for him. Snider could not figure out his magic, either.

“I know other magicians and it freaks me out every time,” Snider said.

Kredible also thought the evening went well.

“It’s always a good time,” Kredible said. “What makes the difference is Union Board, who ran the event and packed the place. It takes the show to an excellent level.”

Deana Rutherford

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