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Student Senate: Second-to-last session deals with variety of issues

With the 08-09 academic year rapidly drawing to a close, Student Senate met for one of its last meetings. After a brief delay due to projector malfunction, the chamber finally came to order with a list of items to cover.

First up was a status update from Women of Influence, the local colony that has much in common with the recently approved Gentlemen of Quality. Representatives from the organization went before the Student Life Faculty Committee to request a one-year extension to their colony period the previous Tuesday.

“We are a group of diverse women who decided that they wanted to form a sorority,” WOI President Tina Aquino said, “because they felt that the sororities that are currently on campus weren’t really fitting to who we are and what we stand for and what our mission is. Our mission is to develop multicultural awareness on campus and in the Galesburg Community.”

Next, members of the Prairie Plot Ad-Hoc Subcommittee came before the chamber to discuss their plans for next year. Despite the significant amount of ground work done by the committee, they were not seeking funding from the Green Fee; just a general idea of the chamber’s feelings towards the plans for the future.

“First off, we’re not asking for money,” Prairie Plot Chair Tim Lovett said. “Don’t get up in arms, none of that fluff going on. We’re just asking for consensual support, I suppose.”

The general consensus of the chamber was positive, though some senators had issues with the proposed plots such as pollen increases in the surrounding residence halls. Overall, the committee received an unofficial vote from the chamber to proceed with their work.

After that, WVKC came before the assembled Senate to request an additional $7,000 for a concert including Dead Prez and other performers. Given that the Finance Committee had concluded for the year, the entire Student Senate needed to be present to approve the additional finances. While some logistics were discussed, there was a very positive response to the request.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this,” Dean of Students Xavier Romano said, “but historically Flunk Day has been the close of the social season, and then the grind towards finals. I have to admit, this is really intriguing because we’ve not had something like this, to be truly an all-campus event for everybody, seniors to first-years, as a way to close the academic year.”

The funding request was overwhelmingly approved in a voice vote, granting WVKC a total of $8,000 for the concert funding.

Baked Benevolence also requested funding in order to provide “whole wheat cinnamon, blueberry, and banana pancakes with organic maple syrup for midnight breakfast.” After some quibbling about other types of pancakes to be offered, the request was also approved.

Finally, representatives from the Human Rights Center on campus asked the Senate how to define a ‘safe space’ as it referred to the HRC. This was part of an ongoing discussion being had in various formats all across campus.

Andrew Polk

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