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Caxton Club not only for English and writing majors

Ever wanted to ask writers why they write the way they do? Ever wanted to sit just a few feet away from authors while they were reading their greatest work? If you attend readings sponsored by Caxton Club, you’ll have that chance.

Caxton Club is a student-run organization that works with members of the English Department to bring professional writers of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, and essays to campus. These guests visit classes, read and autograph their work, answer questions, and occasionally share meals with interested students.

Highlights of this year from Caxton Club include, co-sponsored events with other campus organizations such as Common Ground and the Lincoln Studies department. “Working together with other groups brings a nice variety of subject matter to our readings, as well as giving those interested in writing for a career a wider idea of the job opportunities available to them,” President of Caxton Club senior Lauren Assaf explained.

Other people involved with Caxton Club include English Professor Emily Anderson, adviser for the club, and senior Meredith Noseworthy, who is in charge of ordering books for the readings. Anderson is currently on leave for the term and Professor Robert Smith is holding the advisor position until her return.

Caxton Club readings are usually held in the Alumni Room on the first floor of Old Main. Food and drink are provided before readings and books are available for purchase and autograph afterwards.

A typical Caxton Club reading includes writers reading selections of their work, giving background or telling what inspired them to write a particular piece, answering a few questions the audience might have, and autographing copies of their work.

Assaf has high hopes for the future of Caxton Club. She hopes to continue working with other groups and has hopes that interest will rise. “I’d like to see student interest continue to grow. The events are always popular within the English and Creative Writing Departments, but I think that anyone who likes reading can find a lot of enjoyment in the events.”


This Year’s Readings—

When: 4:00pm on Fridays.

Where: The Alumni Room of Old Main unless otherwise noted.


September 25—Dan Guillory

(In coordination with the Lincoln Studies Department)

Sheena Leano

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