Mosaic / September 23, 2009

To the readers of TKS

To the readers of TKS:

Last week I wrote a letter describing goals that I’d like to accomplish for the paper this year in my section of Mosaic. I discussed ideas of students and faculty submitting their work (whether it be poems, short stories, sketches, cartoons, etc.). However, I failed to include staff members, as they differ from faculty. I am also welcoming submissions from any of the Knox staff. I have only received a small number of submissions so far, so please– those who have submitted keep sending me your work, and those who haven’t…why haven’t you? This is YOUR newspaper!

Remember, work can be either credited to your name or remain anonymous. It’s completely up to you! Just send me your work…please?!

Your Mosaic Editor,


Submissions can be sent to my e-mail address,, or dropped by my K-box (1067).

Kylee Norville

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