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Standish Park hosts scarecrows

Despite the foggy mist throughout the day on Saturday, several families still attended the Scarecrow festival. The two-day event, held in Standish Park, involved locally produced merchandise, food, music, and of course, scarecrows. Additionally, creative stations were manned by Knox volunteers to allow children a chance to paint pumpkins.

Patrons of the festival could cruise down the sidewalks leading towards the atrium and vote on their favorite scarecrows, which had been created by local businesses, community groups, and individuals for the contest. Several different scarecrow categories existed, including traditional as well as whimsical. Some stood on their own while others were part of an elaborate scene.

A community preschool situated small scarecrows in wagons under a sign that read “Whear kids are scary smart.” Bright Futures Preschool created an entire barnyard of scarecrows, including a paper-mache pig, dog, goose, rooster, and a multi-colored feather bird.

The Galesburg Public library also built a scarecrow family, all reading books appropriate to their characters. The Galesburg High School Arttee Club created a unique scarecrow from bending wire and weaving flowers and squash through the sculpture. The American Legion Auxillary Unit 285 Juniors also contributed a camo-clad scarecrow leaning against his crutches with one boot and a patched eye. Circle K constructed a scarecrow shaped like a giant squirrel.

In addition to the scarecrow action, local vendors provided food, crafts, Christmas decorations, and jewelry for sale. The food was served in many varieties, including Mexican-style corn, walking tacos, and pickles on a stick. The far end of Standish Park was lined with benches also painted by local groups.

Other scarecrows included:

-American Gothic scene

-Red Hat ladies in a racecar

-Hawaiian dressed

-Homecoming Queen

-Wizard of Oz themed

Laura Miller

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