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Pagan Student Alliance reads tea leaves

The Pagan Student Alliance (PSA) has been hosting divination workshops open to the entire student body. Since the beginning of fall term, the PSA has hosted a palmistry workshop, a tarot card workshop and, last Friday, a tealeaf reading workshop.

Sophomore and PSA member Emily Beraducci explained that the idea for a divination-themed series of workshops arose out of the high interest of students in the tarot card workshops the PSA has hosted in previous years.

“A lot of people came to the tarot workshops in the past, and we thought we could expand on that theme to provide a service to campus,” said Beraducci. The attendance of these events has been steady. Beraducci said that “for the palmistry and tea leaf reading workshop, we had about 15 to 20 people attend. Even more people came to the tarot workshop.”

When asked how the various arts of divination worked, Beraducci said “some people use any divinatory art just for fortune-telling, predicting the future[…] but it’s fascinating to use things like the tarot and palmistry to get more information about your own personality or the situations you’re in currently.”

The PSA is already planning campus-wide events for the upcoming terms, among which include bringing in a guest speaker on the tarot, hosting an incense-making workshop and participating in a discussion among the various religious groups on campus, hosted by Gentleman of Quality.

Beraducci said, “I think being pagan is something that’s misunderstood by a lot of people, but we’re not scary, we don’t worship the devil or anything like that.” As anybody who has attended the workshops can attest, the PSA is friendly and excited to provide campus with interesting events.

Rachel Perez

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