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Tau Kappa Epsilon gives to community

Just in time for the holiday season, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) are conducting their newest fundraiser, the Men of TKE calendar, for the next several days.

The 13-month calendar that features photographs of 14 current TKE members can be purchased in the Seymour Gallery where the men will be tabling.

All profit from the $20 calendars will go to the Galesburg Humane Society, a local charity that the members have been involved with this past year.

“We figured we would give back to a charity that we enjoyed,” said junior David Fundakowski, TKE’s philanthropy chair. “We can see an impact on our community.”

Fundakowski said that this year the men are focusing on a few big fundraising events instead of several small ones, as well as placing more emphasis on community service hours. Several TKE members have spent time walking dogs for the Humane Society and wanted to raise money for this cause.

The idea for calendars was originally discussed last year and photographs were taken, but the calendar did not come to fruition. Members brought back the idea this year and decided to create a calendar that was representative of their fraternity.

“We absolutely made sure that [the calendar] was fun while still classy,” said Fundakowski. “We didn’t want to do all of us shirtless because no one wants to see that.”

While two members of the fraternity appear shirtless, the rest remain fully-clothed throughout the venture. In fact, some of the photographs include the men in pin dress, wearing formal suits and ties, while others chose less formal attire.

Some of the photographs are serious while others are more casual, as according to how the individual decided to pose.

Photographs were taken in and around the TKE house, as it was recently renovated this past summer.

“It was really fun for all of us to do,” said Fundakowski.

In addition to the photographs, the calendar will also provide the names, majors and interests of the models.

“That gets us closer to campus,” said Fundakowski.

The men have been selling the calendars campus-wide to both students and faculty members and received 35 orders after two days of tabling.

In order to reach their goal, they need to sell 50 between now and the end of this campaign. In addition to tabling now, they will also table at the beginning of winter term.

Finally, TKE has added another twist to their calendar in order to involve the community.

People with a reasonable request can purchase a “personalized day” in which each calendar will display their chosen text on that day for $5. This means students can include birthdays, anniversaries and less-traditional

Laura Miller

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