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Terpsichore explores struggle

Terpsichore will be delving into the idea of struggle, expressed through dance. The student choreographed and student performed show “Schism” will explore struggles such as man versus machine through 12 dances. The show starts on Friday at 7:30 in Harbach Theater, with an open dress rehearsal Thursday at 7:30.

Senior Kate Cochran explains that struggles are a common theme throughout the performance, but are not present in every dance.

Cochran choreographed two dances and the finale. “Wade” has four female dancers that start out together and evolve into solos, while “It’s Thursday; it’s Raining” is a group dance. Cochran explains that the number of dancers in each dance varies a lot.

This Terp performance includes 16 student choreographers and 50-60 student performers. The number of dancers in a dance range from three to a dance with over 10 participants.

Cochran has been very excited to see the dances progress over the term and is looking forward to seeing people proud of the work they have accomplished. She is also happy that they were able to cast a good number of freshmen and older students that have not danced before.

“Make Me As I Am” is the dance sophomore Erin McKinstry choreographed. She said the message of her dance is “finding yourself, how one person can be a lot of different people.” Her dance is a modern piece to the music of Postal Service. McKinstry was a part of Terpsichore all three terms last year, and this is her second time choreographing for Terp. She loved seeing the picture in her head happen in real life.

Senior Taramaria Hood is in the intro, finale and one other dance. Hood described the intro as a preshow with dancers moving around while the audience arrives.

Hood said the dance that she performed a piece directed by Saira Haider, which is very playful. They use free movement and movements that “you are not supposed to do” in order to break down barriers. Hood has been part of Terpsichore since her first term at Knox.

The finale is a new addition to the Terp performance, as it has never been done before. McKinstry said the final dance is really different from what they have done in the past. The song itself is very different, Mckinstry said. Hood thinks the finale shows something new. The finale gets as many of the performers involved as possible so they can all celebrate their hard work through a fun show closing.

Jennifer Lloyd

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