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Rep Term: the experience

And so it begins.

It was very tempting to open with a quotation from Angels in America, but I restrained myself. I’m sure in the upcoming weeks, though, any sort of restraint I once possessed will be replaced with extreme tiredness and slaphappy giddiness. Then you’ll be exposed to a bevy of hopefully pertinent quotations. Hopefully.

It is odd to think that the term just started, that auditions for Rep Term’s two shows—Millennium Approaches and Perestroika—were held only a little over a week ago. I’ve talked to other people in the company, and we all agree that it feels like we’ve been back at Knox for about a month, probably because we’ve already spent such a massive amount of time in CFA. We Rep Termers don’t really go to Knox this term. We just stay in CFA anywhere from seven to eleven hours a day, taking classes, going to rehearsals, and working on the technical aspects of the show. I’m working on publicity and on the costume crew. While I’ve already had a great time brainstorming publicity ideas and playing with sewing machines, if I see another ditty bag that needs to be made, I might cry.

It’s a bit hard to think of what other details to share right now because my brain feels rather muddled and stuffy already, but my initial favorite part about Rep Term is the camaraderie that has already formed amongst the company. It would be dishonest to say that there weren’t some initial concerns about spending so much time with the same group of 36 people, but we all get along surprisingly well. There’s already been a lot of laughter, of commiserating about a lack of sleep, of new friendships springing up. With the group we have, it’s going to be a really good term. Busy and insane, but amazingly good.

Kristen Chmielewski

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