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Secretary adjusts to new position in Student Development office

If you go into the Student Development Office to talk to Dean of Students Xavier Romano, then you know there is someone new there. Susan Day, is the new Secretary to the Dean of Students.

Day worked at a Catholic school previous to joining the Knox College staff, and traveled all over the world when she worked with Trans World Airlines (TWA). Day is a Galesburgian now, but lived in Michigan for 10 years in her TWA days. Originally, she is from Washington, IL, near Peoria.

Day has been to every continent except Asia and has sailed on all the seas, but her favorite places are Italy and Jamaica. Day has also never been to the South Pacific and would really like to stay on an island and do nothing for a little while.

Although Day wants to go to an island to relax, she loves always being busy. Her love of constant activity is one of the reasons she fits so well into the Office of Student Development.

“Not one single day has been the same,” Day said.

She described the office as fast paced and crazy. She said there are always things to learn and they are always so busy that the days go by really quickly. That is what Day wants; a job that is not repetitious, and never boring.

Day knew she wanted to work at Knox College for a while so she looked at the website often in hopes of finding a job opening.

“If I could work any place, it would be Knox,” she said.

She feels that the Galesburg community knows Knox is a great addition to their town. She loves the fun atmosphere and the fact that students come from all over the world.

She really hopes to get to know students and staff even more and is glad to have a job where she is constantly interacting with people. She always likes to work with people. So far, she has not been able to make any connections with students, but she knows the names of some of the regulars. She hopes to represent the school well and build relationships with staff and students.

Day said Romano has a dynamic personality and expects a lot from people. She feels his high expectations are good because they motivate everyone to constantly work hard.

“Hopefully I can work here for a long time and it will keep me young,” Day said with a smile.

Jennifer Lloyd

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