Sexual assault at Knox

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who put up the signs around campus concerning the recent sexual assault that has occurred. I appreciate your care and drive for keeping the truth visible. That is a rare commodity in life and at Knox.

Being truthful and open about painful events does not lessen sensitivity. It’s not a selfish act nor is it a prospect for notoriety. It’s something to grab onto, and a vehicle to support those harmed.

Keeping sexual assaults in the dark will only allow them to fester and metastasize. Only when we finally choose to shed light on these upsetting occurrences will we be able to cohesively and effectively work together — to comfort, care for and take up the cause of the women in our community and society.

There have been rumors that the Knox administration has been encouraging victims of sexual assault to not go forth with pressing formal charges against their attackers. Should this be true, I am appalled. Should this be true, it is absolutely horrifying to hear of such cruelty and selfishness in my college — what’s worse in those running my college. This is not just; this is not healthy for our community. With this episode in mind and also the fact that Dean Romano is the advisor of the Interfraternity Council, I think his behavior in this current issue of sexual violence should be closely monitored, as should the rest of Knox’s administrative body.

Avidly watching and hoping,
Kate Carsella
Class of 2011

Kate Carsella

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