Housing solutions and security cameras discussed

Last week’s Student Senate meeting involved a brief discussion of the absolute definition of “final exam.” It was pointed out that while some professors define a final exam as something that counts for 25 percent of a student’s final grade, others only make the exam count for 20 percent. Nothing has officially been changed in terms of requirements for final exams after the topic of defining final exams was discussed in a faculty meeting.

After last week’s safety walk was canceled, it was brought up as to when it would be rescheduled, and in what form it would be.

The Student Life Committee discussed Wallage Lounge and the need to take more immediate action with the renovation of the location. The Greek social event moratorium and non-Greek social events were also discussed.

In relation to the security cameras that are soon coming to campus, the Technology Committee reported that a discussion with Director of the Computer Center Steve Jones led to the possibility of using Cisco cameras, a type of digital surveillance cameras, when the system is installed.

The Residential and Quality of Life Committee, after examining Special Interest Housing, recommended a “no empty bed” policy on campus. This would mean that all students on campus are required to have full-capacity rooms during all three terms every year at Knox. No action has been taken to make this an official rule.

Senate also is looking for student opinions directed toward the Dining Services Committee regarding replacing the coffee in the Gizmo.

Senate approved additional funds request from Dance Squad for $165.10. The consent agenda passed.

The Treasurer reported that approximately $33,738 remained in the Senate Discretionary Fund for the remainder of the year.

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