Campus / News / April 1, 2010

Dispelling rumors

Rumor: Xavier Romano has been fired as Dean

of Students.

The Scoop: False.

Romano is currently “on leave,” according to President Roger Taylor. While he is absent, Debbie Southern will be acting Dean of Students. Associate Dean of Students and Campus Life Director Craig Southern will chair the Student Life Committee, a position formerly held by Romano. Romano’s position as advisor to the Inter Fraternity Counsel has been vacated and efforts to locate another person to fill that position are still “in progress.”

Rumor: There won’t be a Flunk Day.

The Scoop: False.

“Flunk Day is still happening,” said President Roger Taylor. The Union Board works closely with the Campus Life office to arrange Flunk Day.

Rumor: The Greek Students were informed by an e-mail from the Student Senate President about Romano’s “termination”

The Scoop: True.

Student Senate President Heather Kopec e-mailed the presidents of all Greek organizations on Sunday, March 28 that Romano had been “terminated” and asked the presidents to inform the rest of their chapter.

“The Dean of Students has tremendously helped the Greek community in the past few years,” said Kopec. “I chose to focus it on, as a Greek, sending it out to my fellow Greek leaders.” However, the statement in her e-mail contradicts President Roger Taylor’s statement that Romano is currently “on leave” from campus.

Rumor: Administrators read The Knox Student before it is published.

The Scoop: False.

According to Editor-in-chief of The Knox Student Laura Miller, no articles from the student newspaper are ever read by anyone except for the editorial staff before they are published. The Broadcasting, Internet, and Publications Board exists on campus to protect all student broadcasts and publications from censorship by the Knox administration.

Rumor: The Knox Student won’t talk to individuals in the Greek Community.

The Scoop: True and False.

TKS was instructed by the former president of the Inter Fraternity Counsel Jimmy Thorton to contact only the presidents of the Greek organizations for official opinions about the organizations. However, if a Greek student writes a column or came forth with a story, TKS will speak to them as a student on campus.

If you have heard any rumors at all, send them to The Knox Student. We are committed to dispelling rumors.

Laura Miller

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