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Freeing up space for the Free Store

This Friday, the Free Store will be reopening its doors for spring term in a newly cleaned and organized location.

“We went through everything,” said junior Kate Robbins, one of the organizers of the Free Store. “We tried to make it more accessible and organized.”

The Free Store, located in the basement of Conger-Neal, will be open 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every Friday afternoon. The inventory has been donated by students as well as other community members and is available to anybody free of charge.

Swapping a donation for one of the items in the free store is encouraged, but not necessary in order to acquire the gently used items.

“The only way the Free Store has anything good is if people donate,” said Robbins. “It’s really important for people to keep coming back.”

The Free Store has all sorts of items, including textbooks, keyboards and clothing. Recently, a mirror and couch were added to the store so patrons could try on the clothing and relax with their friends within the area.

The most common items donated to the Free Store are clothing. Many students donate old shoes and high school t-shirts to the collection.

“One of my favorite dresses I got from the Free Store,” said Robbins.

There are also more flashy items, such as costumes, feathered pants and bubbles that have been donated to the Free Store in the past. There is also a great deal of holiday paraphernalia there, as well as picture frames, telephones, notebooks and markers.

“We have whole random area we couldn’t categorize,” said Robbins.

Usually, the Free Store gathers most of its inventory at the end of the term, especially at the end of spring term, so the best time to visit is at the beginning of each term.

The Free Store only takes gently used items in good condition. Otherwise, there are not any formal rules for exchange: anybody can donate or reuse as they please.

“People are using it which is awesome,” said Robbins.

People who would like to donate at an alternative time may contact Kate Robbins at

Laura Miller

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