Campus / News / April 22, 2010

Dispelling rumors

Rumor: Campus groups Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS) or Estudiantes sin Fronteras (Students without Borders) were responsible for putting up large posters in Seymour Hall during winter term that read, amongst other things, “2 sexual assaults in 1 weekend — Where is your outrage?”

The Scoop: False. The posters were not put up by any specific group of people or official campus organization. In an article printed on February 18, 2010, President of SASS junior Amelia Garcia said, “This was not an officially sanctioned SASS event.” Co-Presidents of Estudiantes sin Fronteras senior Vicky Daza and junior Rosie Worthen said “is not responsible for the posters put up in Seymour winter term. Instead, this is a reflection of individual autonomy on Knox Campus. We are a Knox College campus organization and therefore do not advocate or endorse any action that could go against the Knox Student Handbook. As a leftist organization, we seek to bring awareness of a variety of different socio-political issues as well as expanding the range of current discourse surrounding these issues.”

Rumor: President Roger Taylor ’63 will be delivering the commencement address on June 5.

The Scoop: False. Taylor will not deliver the commencement address.

“I will not give the commencement address in June 2010 at Knox,” said Taylor in an e-mail on April 20.

Rumor: Members of the Galesburg Police Department are not allowed on the Knox College campus.

The Scoop: False. According to Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf, there is no restriction on the presence of the Galesburg Police Department on campus. When feasible, said Schlaf, the GPD will defer to Knox Campus Safety. Knox Students and the Knox College Campus must adhere to the same laws that apply to all citizens of Galesburg.

Rumor: Knox’s Panhellenic Council does not have an advisor.

The Scoop: False. Heather Poppy is the advisor for the Panhellenic Council. She recently stepped into that roll, vacated by Vicki Romano. Poppy said she has been working with on-leave Dean of Students Xavier Romano since August of 2009 to prepare for this role. As a sorority member herself, Poppy said in an e-mail, “I look forward to working with the sororities and serving as an advocate for them.”

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