Campus / News / Student Research / April 29, 2010

McNair Fellows introduce projects

Andrew Kunsak: “On Virtues and Bad Actions”

Maisie Maupin: “The Greatest Films of All Time: Listology and Cinema”

Brianna McCracken: “Female Physiology and Male Behavior: How does female mantis physiology effect male assessment of the risk of sexual cannibalism?”

Joe Olvera: “The Appropriateness of Affection in Male-Male Homosexual Friendships”

Monica Prince: “With Hands Who Do Not Want Me to Die: The Presence of God in African-American Women Writers’ Literature”

Kathryn Quesnell: “Ground-shaking Geothermal Energy”

Lauren Smith: “Negative Attitudes toward the Terminally-Ill: A Product of Existential Anxiety and Defensive Distancing?”

Julia Trumpy: “The course of hybrid animation towards a realistic construction”

Mark Wolak: “Observing the Zeeman Effect in mercury using a high resolution Fabry-Pérot Interferometer”

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