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The Senate Perspective: Campus television

The television is a source of much information. Whether it is mindless reality shows or important breakings news, it keeps us entertained and informed. Knox College provides for its students some 70 plus stations for our enjoyment. The Technology Committee of Student Senate led by Chris Bugajski, ’11, has sought out to enhance the television experience by surveying the Knox student population on what is watched and what they want to see.

With the obvious choices of HBO and Cinemax out of the way, the Technology Committee choose to focus on the possibility of adding Fox Soccer Channel’s lineup given the level of interest shown by a handful of students and members of Senate. The cost of this would be around $1,140 annually, allowing students to watch “more than 150 Barclays English Premier League matches, Italian Series A, Argentine Clausura, Major League Soccer, the United Soccer Leagues and men’s and women’s U.S. National Team friend matches,” according to CampusTeleVideo. However, when the results for the survey were analyzed, there was a resounding “no” for adding Fox Soccer Channel. This will be investigated further and reported back to Senate at a later time.

In addition to Fox Soccer Channel, the survey also sought to find stations to replace ones currently not watched. According to the survey, the top four most unpopular channels were: Link, Country Music Television, Reelzchannel, and TV One. Furthermore, the top four channels picked to replace these were: Fuse, LOGO, NHL Network, and Versus. These recommendations have been made to the Telecommunications Center; however, these station changes will not be made until summer.

So, as Chair of the Technology Committee, I am writing this to publicize the actions being taken and to ask you, the student, to speak out if you do not want these recommendations to occur. This is everyone’s school after all; don’t let this decision be made by the 130 individuals who responded to the campus-wide e-mail containing the online survey.

Chris Bugajski

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