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Newly renovated Wallace Lounge now open to students

Since its flooding in the spring of 2007, Wallace Lounge, located in the basement of Seymour Union, has been unfinished and essentially unusable. Now, it is fixed up and open for business.

After several discussions over the years between students and faculty committees, including the Student Life Committee, it became clear the college needed Wallace Lounge.

“Something needed to be done as far as making Wallace Lounge useable,” Director of Campus Life Craig Southern said.

The back portion originally served as the Free Store during the 2007-2008 academic year. There were concerts performed in the space before it was finished.

While there has been talk of converting the lounge into a more structured space (a pizza lounge, study area, film center), the space is currently open for any use.

Over the summer Southern, the Campus Life Office and Student Senate as well as other students will be considering plans for permanent renovations to Wallace Lounge.

“I would rather not go back to what it was,” Southern said, referring to the pre-flood space, which was all-purpose and filled with an assortment of chairs, a bar and a television.

Next to Wallace Lounge, there was also a game room damaged in the flood. Southern said most of the games, which included pool, foosball and ping-pong, already were missing pieces and in bad condition when the flood hit.

Southern is pushing for full renovations, though others would like it to remain an all-purpose space. As of now, Southern would like to have a permanent plan for Wallace Lounge by the time students return in the fall of 2010.

For now, the space is available for use upon request. Students may reserve it for events or club meetings through Cindy Wickliffe in the Office of Student Development from now until the end of the year. There are not any specific rules to using Wallace Lounge, however students are asked to make sure it stays clean.

Renovations include fresh paint, new carpeting, window blinds and compact fluorescent lamps to replace the old light bulbs. Two picnic tables and a trash bin have been ordered for the attached outdoor patio.

“I’m very glad that students can use it again,” said Southern.

Laura Miller

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