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Tech Tip: YouTube loop, tab key and Pac-Man

Music & Entertainment

Here is a quick and simple way to loop or replay a YouTube video if you ever wanted to listen to a song or see a video on repeat.

Note: this does not work with some videos or songs protected by record companies.

1) Look at the YouTube URL for the video you want to loop.

For example:

2) Delete the “watch?” part after the slash in

3) Replace the equals sign (=) with a forward slash (/).

4) Add “&loop=1” to the end of the URL.

5) Press the play button and now you have a looped YouTube video.


Thought the Tab key was just used to make indents in documents? Here are four ways to use the Tab key you might not have known about to make your tech-connected life just a little easier.

1) Using Control+Tab in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari will let you quickly view through your tabs.

2) When filling out forms (e.g. to access your e-mail inbox), use the Tab key to go to the next blank box.

3) If you want to go back to a previous box, use Shift+Tab.

4) Use the Tab key to navigate or select links on a webpage.

For Fun

Sharing this link is dangerous, considering what it did to productivity when Google featured the classic video game Pac-Man on its front page. Google still has Pac-Man on its site and the link is To play, press the “Insert Coin” button next to “Google Search.”

Sheena Leano

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