Discourse / Letters / October 20, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Advice to college students

I read that article in this paper a couple weeks back called “Thoughts from the Embers.” Your administration is not telling you what it is doing– that’s a shame. A week ago the same article spoke of this “online revolution” and gave praise to how it helps you all communicate. You kids just don’t get it, do you? Writing things in the paper, going on the internet and “commenting” as much as you kids want-to call that direct response, it just ain’t and it ain’t going to be. The computer is just giving you the instant gratification of human response. That passive engagement is reserved for old men like me who can’t get up and holler till his throat runs dry anymore. They are never going to listen to you so long as you keep asking so nicely. These articles you all write in your paper offer all criticism with no suggestion. Galvanizing supporters though the paper isn’t working anymore. When I was younger this is what we did: we grabbed our classmates and talked face-to-face about what we didn’t like about our leaders. No computers at all. Organize a statement and hold strong to it. The past, present and future are in the hands of you, the youth. I can’t stand up for you anymore; we’re too old for this and dropping like flies. Maybe my generation was the rebel [sic] rousers and yours is just the afterbirth. Prove this old S.O.B. wrong, kids.

Arthur Sedgwick

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