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Observing America: Electophobia

President Barak Obama believed in bipartisanship. In 2008, Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton debated in Las Vegas. Obama then stated: “I would convene a continuous advisory meeting not just Democrats but Republicans…There are a lot of Republicans that hunger for that kind of approach” (“Las Vegas Debate,” CNN). Well, let’s look at today’s politics. Just recently, the White House has made several allegations that the GOP gets money from foreign entities. Is this bipartisanship? This is partisanship at its worst and all due to the fact that come Nov. 2, the Democrats may lose their House and Senate majorities.

On Oct. 18, CBS News reported a different picture from that of the White House. “Democrats this election cycle have received about $1.02 million from political action committees affiliated with foreign companies, according to The Hill and the Center for Responsive Politics” (Condon,“Democrats Took $1M from Foreign-Affiliated PACs, Report Shows”). On the other hand, organizations accused by the White House such as the Chamber of Commerce have been found innocent of accepting foreign money. The facts are straight.

The accusation fabricated by the White House reveals that it is following “politics as usual.” The White House and Congressional Democrats do not care about their legitimate concerns. As CBS later reported, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) stated that the Republicans’ money “could be money from foreign corporation, big oil or companies that want to outsource U.S. jobs” (Condon,“Democrats Took $1M from Foreign-Affiliated PACs, Report Shows”). However, the Democrats have no such evidence to confirm that. In fact, Bob Schieffer from “Face the Nation” asked Senior White House advisor, David Axelrod “Is that the best you can do?” when asking about the facts of such strong accusations. He brushed the question off with a laugh (Scaroborough, “Desperate Obama tries demagoguery” p.2).

So let’s talk straight here. Democrats got money from foreign corporations while Republican leaning organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce that are accused of doing the same have been found completely innocent. The facts here lie with the Republicans and against the White House. However, this doesn’t stop President Obama from continuing his accusations against the GOP. In fact, the President has recently stated on campaign stumps “I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests or, worse, by foreign entities. They should be decided by the American people,” (Scaroborough, “Desperate Obama tries demagoguery” p.2). Instead of making harsh accusations, govern, Mr. President. It is understandable that you fear for your party, but don’t you think the American people care more about their jobs, paying their bills and the surging national debt and deficit? Spare us the politics.

Alex Uzarowicz
Alex Uzarowicz has been a weekly conservative political columnist for The Knox Student for three years. He also writes for The College Conservative. Alex will graduate in June 2013 with a degree in political science, after which he will head abroad to begin his Peace Corps service.

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