Discourse / Letters / October 28, 2010

Letters to the Editor: A call to arms

Do Knox students really not care about local suffering?

I guess you kids aren’t gonna listen to us if I ask nicely either. Like administrator like student… makes sense. You realize you are being trained to take up the same torch as them; to do the same actions they do to others? I’m an old man and I have two grandchildren that I can barely afford to take care of. We live on the south side of Galesburg and are harassed by law enforcement, ignored by politicians and you students have been turning a selective blind eye to the town that surrounds your campus for as long as I can remember. There will always be someone worse off than us but it’s our job as the {relatively} privileged to reconcile that privilege and help other peoples-but what about each other, locally? True we should reconcile but not through the imperialist means like the Peace Corps that seek to pressingly teach our values to other nations; but with the basic rights of food and water. Kids, I’m old and outdated and can’t fight this fight anymore. Please. Get out and help us. Help my granddaughters. Help your neighbors. Help me.

Arthur Sedgwick

Galesburg resident

Arthur Sedgwick

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