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Letters to the Editor: Women of Influence raised nearly $800 for Pakistan

A thank you from Women of Influence

Last week The Knox Student brought to attention many of the events for charity other Knox groups have put on lately. Earlier I e-mailed an editor at Knox about the end result of the Women of Influence and International Club fundraiser for Pakistan, but no one from TKS ever contacted me to have it featured in the paper.

In the first two weeks of the term, Women of Influence and I-Club tabled for donations for Pakistan’s Flood Relief Fund through World Vision. This idea was worked on by WOI over the summer through e-mails, allowing us to start as soon as we came back. In the second week, I-Club approached us offering to table with us and make giant posters to grab attention.

We ended up raising $796 for Pakistan which was sent to World Vision on Sept. 29 and a receipt was received two weeks later.

Thank you to I-Club for working with us.

And thank you, especially, to all who donated, we hope we shall continue to get your support for our ongoing efforts and others’ in relation to this issue and further ones.


Rana Tahir, Class of 2013

Philanthropy Chair, Women of Influence

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