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Taylor Student Lounge popular among students

Thanks to some much-needed renovations, Knox students now have a new venue for Friday and Saturday nights: the Roger Taylor Lounge, affectionately christened the Rog Lodge. Opening earlier this term, the Rog Lodge has earned a number of regular patrons who come for the relaxed atmosphere and the games provided.

For many, the Rog Lodge is a new place to party or a new place to avoid one.

“It’s a great option for a Saturday night,” sophomore Cole Atcheson said, especially since it’s probably the most modern looking place on campus, it has a newer feel.

As junior Chelsea Coventry put it, “[the Roger Taylor Lounge] is a place to chill.” And “chilling” seems to be a common sentiment amongst all the visitors, as the room, despite being active, feels calm at most times.

There appear to be two major draws to the Rog Lodge: the entertainment value and its capacity to host studying. Open later than the library and with plenty of space, the Rog Lodge is a particularly viable option for those students wanting to study on weekend nights, but also wanting to avoid roommates.

According to students, a major factor in choosing the Rog Lodge is the choice of entertainment available.

“There’s more than enough to do,” Atcheson said.

With pool tables, ping-pong, foosball and a Wii, there are plenty of choices. The game room is not overstimulating, though, senior Brigitte Demke said, “so people can actually do things without getting distracted.” This, combined with free access for all Knox students, is a boon for the fiscally challenged college student, causing the lounge to be an ideal place to meet up with friends, added junior Emma Gingold.

Still, despite the variety, several people feel as though there are not enough actual items to use. The high demand for using the Wii makes it difficult for everyone to get a chance to play, and as there are two televisions it would make more sense to have Wiis for both of them. But beyond a second Wii, and the ability to use dining dollars at the vending machines, the only improvement suggested was a “nap room.”

When asked about expectations, a majority revealed that they had had no expectations. Unfulfilled promises of renovations in the past prevented many people from getting their hopes up at all, while others simply did not know what to expect. A number of students were simply oblivious to the fact that renovations had even a chance of occurring.

One of these students, freshman Alyssa Gill, said, “I felt no hype. I just walked in and it was pretty cool.” Overall, those who did have expectations felt them surpassed by the new lounge.

Freshman Caitlin Stone said that the lounge was better than she thought it would be and that “I’m really happy it’s here while I’m here.”

All in all, the Rog Lodge appears to be a resounding success. The feelings surrounding the lounge seem to be best summed up by Demke: “Two thumbs up.”

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