January 11, 2012

An afternoon with Aeroshot breathable caffeine

AeroShot: A newly invented drinking game? The latest in athletic footwear specifically designed to boost basketball players’ dunking skills? A fancy name for an Airsoft gun?
Nay, it is none of these, (although it definitely sounds like it could be all of them). AeroShot is caffeine redesigned. Instead of having to throw back energy shots or patiently sip searing-hot coffee, only one simple step must be taken to experience AeroShot, and everyone can do it: inhaling.
When the product first arrived to me, sealed in a green and gray package, I was a bit skeptical. A caffeine “shot” that can enter one’s bloodstream so easily and still claims to be effective? It sounded too good to be true — and too good to pass up.
In the name of formality and good ol’ note taking, I decided to keep a timetable documenting my experience with this little tube that supposedly contained supplementary magic. Thus, my day with AeroShot:

12:50 p.m. Very simple ingestion procedures — must only pull down bottom part of tube and inhale from top part. Was not expecting powdery substance to suddenly fill mouth. Surprising. Only a little unsettling. Tastes like medicine-flavored Tums initially. Aftertaste more like intended lime flavor as described on package. Aftertaste decidedly better than initial taste.

1 p.m. Already feel more awake, alert and ready for the world! So far no jitters; no other side effects.

2:10 p.m. Just yawned. Could possibly be crashing already? Recalled: shock at powdery sensation upon inhale cuts short the AeroShot ingestion experience. Perhaps I should have sucked it up — pun most certainly intended — and taken larger dose.

2:45 p.m. Jittery. Feeling less alert — sleepy, even.

Such was my first trial with AeroShot. Most impressive at this point was how quickly this cute, compact, not-approved-by-the-FDA substance began to take effect. Really it most likely took less than the 10 minutes previously noted; I round up times to humor my own aesthetic preferences.
Another plus was AeroShot’s ease and convenience. If it could successfully provide the same boost as a large coffee, which it claims to do, then it would most certainly beat out power-walking to Grab N’ Go breakfast, impatiently waiting in line when you are just getting coffee, and then power walking to the third floor of Old Main, attempting not to spill or run into anyone.
Unimpressive, though, was the initial taste. As someone who has very finicky taste buds, this downside earned many a grimace from me.
Even more disappointing was the seemingly short lifespan of this “breathable energy.” A mere two hours? That did not get me through my art class.
However, it would be unfair — wrong, even — to judge a product based on one initial trial. So, in the name of science, I conducted another one that evening. It proceeded as follows:

7:10 p.m. Felt drowsy. Commenced second round of AeroShot. Was prepared for powdery texture, but had forgotten unpleasant initial taste. Regardless, was able to take adequate dosage. Aftertaste still limey and pleasant.

9:55 p.m. Still going strong. Perhaps larger inhalation did the trick? Powering through homework like it is nobody’s business.

11:20 p.m. Roommate is fascinated by AeroShot, asks to try it. She is warned of strange taste, texture. Inhales and experiences initial shot pleasantly.

11:30 p.m. Roommate: “I like this!”

After this point it is unclear if caffeine is keeping me awake, or if it is the welcomed adrenaline rush that can only come when one attempts to finish homework on a deadline.
Overall, the second trial with AeroShot is much more satisfying. As is with most things, it merely took some getting used to. Indeed the adjustment to the bitter taste seems worth it when one considers the benefits. AeroShot is quick, easy and effective. It contains multiple shots, which would get you your money’s worth — a “suggested retail price” of $2.99. The only downer to this upper is that it is currently only available online and will remain so for those who do not live in Boston or New York, where it will be sold in stores come the middle of the month.
The moral of the story? If you are willing to throw down a few bucks to have a spare large coffee lying around whenever you need it, AeroShot’s initial bitterness will leave you feeling sweet.

Chelsea Embree
Chelsea Embree is a senior majoring in creative writing and minoring in art history. She previously served as co-mosaic editor and as an arts and features reporter for TKS. During the summer of 2013, she served as a content intern at The St. Louis Beacon. Chelsea has studied under former Random House copy chief Sean Mills and taught writing as a teaching assistant for First-Year Preceptorial. An avid blogger, she has written extensively about youth in St. Louis and maintains a lively poetry and nonfiction blog on Tumblr. She is also the director of communications for Mortar Board and co-president of Terpsichore Dance Collective.

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