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Welcome, Knox College, to The Knox Student’s brand-new website.

For those of you who never interacted with our old site, imagine a stark white front page providing snapshots of only a handful of articles, a search feature that works when it feels like it, and few opportunities for engagement with our readership. Sound utterly unappealing? We thought so too. So over the summer, we decided to start again and build a site designed to deliver content that is visually pleasing, mentally stimulating and oriented towards our community.

We encourage you to mosey around the site for yourself, but because we’re in the business of making information easily accessible, here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite new features:

  • Each story is now placed in subsections within News, Mosaic, Discourse or Sports, and tags will help you better find the content you’re looking for. Moreover, Special Topics pages will direct you towards our coverage of major events and controversies at Knox; find them at the bottom of the site under “Site.”
  • You no longer need a Knox email address to leave comments on our stories; anyone can chip in and make his or her voice heard.
  • Like what you’re reading? Tweet it or post it to Facebook or Google+ with convenient social media links at the top of every story.
  • See a gap in our coverage? Have an exclusive tip? Check out the Suggest a Story page at the bottom of the site under “Contact Us.”
  • We will further integrate multimedia news into our site, with more frequent use of videos and infographics.
  • Over time, we will add blogs on a variety of topics.
  • Keep track of events on campus and in town with our events calendar, located in the right sidebar. If you’re an event organizer, be sure to submit your event at the bottom of the site under “Contact Us.”
  • Not sure how we operate? Wondering how you can get involved? You might find the answer in our FAQ at the bottom of the site under “About Us.”

A website is a work in progress, and ours is far from done. You’ll notice missing tags on archive stories (which have to be manually assigned and thus are an ongoing project), a lack of photos (due to import issues) and probably the occasional broken link. If you encounter a problem or find that something’s a little off, please email our web editors, Cody and Johnathan, at csehl@knox.edu and jebbers@knox.edu.

This site is just the first in a series of steps to help TKS better serve you. We’ll keep you updated on the exciting changes to come.

Anna Meier

Anna Meier

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