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New Professor Profile: Sue S. Deans, Journalism

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Journalism Sue Deans ‘70

The Knox Student (TKS): Where did you grow up?

Sue S. Deans (SD): I grew up in Arlington Heights, Ill. and moved to Boulder, Colo.

TKS: Where did you go to school?

SD: I went to high school in Arlington Heights, Ill. for four years, then came to Knox and majored in English literature with a minor in education in 1970. I then went to the University of Colorado for Journalism with a minor in history.

TKS: What brought you back to Knox?

SD: I am frequently in touch with Knox. I use to be a member on the board of trustees. My so went to Knox, and I frequently visit. My friend is also teaching at Knox, and this is my second time teaching a class.

TKS: What classes are you teaching this term?

SD: I am teaching In-depth Reporting, as well as News Writing and Reporting

TKS: Having an English major background, will you be teaching any English classes while at Knox?

SD: No one has asked me to teach English classes. I’m just a temp. If someone needed me, I’d love to do it, but I also love living in Colorado.

TKS: How long have you been working with newspapers?

SD: I’ve spent 30 years working for newspapers. I did two small ones in Boulder, CO and one in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I also did Rocky Mountain News in Denver.

TKS: Of those 30 years, what would you say is the article that has stuck with you?

SD: I would say 9/11 or Hurricane Hugo was the biggest. I was involved with more editing than writing. I remember Hurricane Hugo … how I was at Myrtle Beach working during the Hurricane. I had to evacuate my home but I stayed at work … I think Columbine was the most interesting. It happened on my first day at the newspaper, which I thought would be an easy day, to maybe learn where the bathrooms are or how to use a computer … There is always something going on at work, and you always go in not knowing what might happen.

TKS: Have you met President Amott? What big changes or differences have you noticed on campus?

SD: I met the President while on the Board of Trustees when we were considering her for hire, and I really like her … She puts a real emphasis on Galesburg and Knox coming closer, and on community service, which is a big difference from the past. I think it’s important to know what’s going on in Galesburg. I love seeing all the old buildings and houses, and I love the train whistles.

TKS: What are your plans for the future?

SD: I plan on going back to Boulder, CO, and to travel to Nairobi in the early part of next year. I plan on going to Africa with my friend who works at a newspaper, and to work with them … I also am excited to go back and be a grandma, and to learn to Skype with my grandson. I am also involved with the Art Center board in Boulder, the Rotary club and volunteering. And finishing a book I’ve been writing.

Ashlee Pitts

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