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SLC observes Campus Safety reports, student counseling use

The Student Life Committee meeting this past Tuesday focused on two major issues: Knox’s counseling services and campus safety reports.

According to Director of Counseling Services Dan Larson, additional work hours have greatly decreased the waiting period (which was as long as 10 days to two weeks last year). Students who seek counseling services are generally advised to attend a session once every two weeks. This is roughly 15 sessions per academic year, with five sessions being the student average. The most frequent cases involve stress and depression issues while academic problems are least frequent.

Compared to other ACM schools, Knox’ mental health system is clinically on par in terms of counselor-to-student ratio. The school is only slightly behind in areas regarding outreach hours. The ratio of female to male users is 65:35, which more or less mirrors the school’s gender ratio. Data from 2011 reveals that 22 percent of the student body had seen a counselor, with 7 to 10 percent of the 22 percent partaking in cutting or some other form of self harm.

According to the data, juniors and seniors are the most frequent users of these services. Many individuals from this specific group of students have continued counseling started in their high school years or during their first and second years at Knox. Larson sees this as a positive sign, believing that it illustrates how students continue to see the value of counseling. Moreover, Larson is pleased with how the Knox community handles the sensitive topic of mental health.

“It seems pretty proactive to me … the stigma of counseling isn’t as prominent here at Knox,” Larson said.

Instructor in Art Mike Godsil says this observation “speaks highly of Knox students.”

Campus Safety Director John Schlaf discussed data from the most recent crime reports. Trips to the emergency room are down this year. He believes that this decrease can be credited to an improvement in resident adviser training. Overall, Knox’s crime report is more or less the same as the reports from the last two years. These reports can be accessed online through the Campus Safety website.

According to Schlaf, Knox is “probably one of the more honest institutions” since every known incident is reported.

Other school crime reports reveal zero incidents across the board of possible offenses, which range from forcible sex offenses, aggravated assault, robbery and arson. So far, there have been a total of five criminal acts on or near the Knox campus this year, with the most serious case involving a female student being inappropriately touched outside of Post Hall. All five cases involved a non-Knox member as the guilty party.

Unfortunately, one of these five cases has yet to be resolved.

Mydel Santos

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1 Comment

Oct 18, 2012

It seems pretty proactive to me … the stigma of counseling isn’t as prominent here at Knox,” Larson said.

Claims of stigma ought not surface at any university, no matter how they are presented. “Not as prominent” is only one way to present one. The stima of rape is “not as prominent” would be met with loud protest. Mine may be muted, but it differs not all all from that.

Harold A. Maio, retired Mental Health Editor

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