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Infographic: Election politics on social media platforms

Anna Meier
Andrei Papancea
Andrei Papancea is a senior double majoring in computer science and economics. In sixth grade, he created his first website and has since developed sites and graphics for businesses, colleges and individuals both in the United States and his native Romania. In 2009, he held a graphic design internship with the International Debate Education Association; over the summer of 2012, he served on the Adobe Student Advisory Board and provided feedback on the company’s educational initiatives. Currently, Andrei is the creative director of Folio (Knox’s visual arts journal), the public relations chair for Union Board and a technical support assistant with Knox’s Computer Center. He also maintains a thriving web and graphic design business at and is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for page design. Andrei is currently pursuing College Honors in computer science and will be pursuing his master's in computer science at Columbia University next year.

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