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The haunting of Knox College

Given the records of hauntings and ghosts at Knox, it is not a surprise when students experience a specter or two. From the creaks and groans of the Old Jail to a sudden chill in Seymour when the windows are locked and the fans turned off, ghost stories — and sometimes ghosts themselves — are a central part of Knox lore.

The Seymour Hall ghost was the girlfriend of a Seymour resident in 1998. The girl’s boyfriend assaulted her with a brick before pushing her down the mailroom stairs. According to Seymour urban legends, her spirit haunts the dorm.

Not all believe the story but a few students have felt her presence, especially in her boyfriend’s former room.

“The guys who lived across the hall from me at the time would always talk about how they felt weird in the room, how sometimes the door would open by itself,” sophomore and former Seymour resident Sam Scheurell said.

One of the guys reported feeling a presence in the room, and multiple residents felt uncomfortable on the spiral staircase leading to the dorms on Seymour’s second floor.

“The question of whether or not that was us being scared little freshmen or the hauntings of a ghost remains unanswered,” Scheurell said.

A tormented spirit also supposedly haunts the Delta Delta Delta house, though only some information from an anonymous source could be procured.

Years ago, before Tri-Delta began using the house, a man was shot outside the home, according to this anonymous source. The man died in a bathtub in the upstairs of the house. To this day, some Deltas refuse to enter the house alone, even to obtain free laundry or textbooks.

Aside from ghosts, the Knox campus has, quite simply, a few creepy and surprising nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored. Last year, after a radio show in George Davis Hall, two students discovered the basement to GDH unlocked at 3 a.m.

The pair of adventurers headed down, the entire space lit only by the glow from their lighters. They ended up in a room with a large black hole in the wall, a single office desk, a single chair facing the wall and a lone cot. They looked around for a few minutes before hearing a terrible noise and running out of GDH as fast as they could.

With Halloween right around the corner, it may seem as though ghosts are more prevalent, or at least stories recounting their haunts more loudly discussed. Despite accounts of these haunts, some students remain skeptical.

“I don’t believe in ghosts because I’ve never seen one,” freshman Eunice Vincent said. “It just seems unlikely that we would be able to feel the dead at all, let alone a manifestation of their energy as a person.”

Emily Madden

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