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Galesburg Crime Blotter: Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

Gunman wanted in Quick Sam’s brawl

Two Galesburg residents are wanted in connection to a fight at Quick Sam’s early Saturday, in which shots were fired.

Galesburg police responded to the convenience store at approximately 3:10 a.m. They saw between 30 and 40 subjects in the parking lot, most of whom ran from the scene “as if they were scared,” according to the police report. Several witnesses screamed, “He’s got a gun.”

Police detained three subjects as they attempted to leave the scene in a maroon Buick, whose rear window had been shattered. Two of the witnesses complained of being pepper-sprayed during the incident. A third witness admitted to using pepper spray on the crowd to protect from an attack.

The incident reportedly stemmed from an argument involving a group of females. A person driving the maroon Buick attempted to back over one of the women. In response, a woman smashed his rear window with a squeegee. The fight intensified and two additional men arrived at the scene. One of the men reportedly fired two shots, one in the air and one into a tree.

The gunman escaped on foot when officers arrived. Police recovered a .45-caliber pistol that had been left at the scene.

The alleged gunman is wanted for unlawful possession of a firearm and reckless discharge of a firearm. The woman who allegedly shattered the window is wanted for criminal damage to property.

Police: man beat woman holding baby

Police are seeking a Galesburg man after he allegedly beat his girlfriend while she held her 2-month-old daughter. The 21-year-old woman waved down officers early Tuesday morning and reported the incident. The victim told officers she had gone to her boyfriend’s house to tell his other girlfriend about their relationship. The suspect became irate and began to beat the woman while she held her infant daughter, according to police records.  He allegedly told her she was going to die and that she had “messed with the wrong guy.” He then proceeded to beat her and choke her with his belt. The woman and her daughter were taken to Cottage hospital for treatment. The woman’s arm was placed in a sling due to a torn arm muscle, the report said. The baby suffered bruises above and below her left eye, along with cuts around her arms. The 35-year-old suspect has not been located by police, but is wanted for aggravated domestic battery, interfering with the report of domestic battery, endangering the life of a child and aggravated battery to a child.


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