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Halfway there: Student opinions on the election

“I’m comfortable. It’s a mixed feeling. I know for a fact that the Northeast tends to support Obama because there are a lot of liberals there. I personally want Obama, but you never know.”

-Sowad Jabin ’16

“I’m scared because of the overall count so far. I’ve looked at the polls, and Obama should have a comfortable win, but I won’t feel good until we know. Romney leading the country wouldn’t be good for any of us.”

-Rohini Bhose ’15

“I think Romney has to carry Ohio, or he has to carry one of the Midwestern states — Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota, and he has to carry Florida, North Carolina or Virginia. If he doesn’t carry one of those three, he’s done. The math just doesn’t add up.”

-Alex Uzarowicz ’13

“I’m nervous. I kind of thought we would be ahead by now. I hope we pull through, but I have hope in him [Obama], and I have hope in America.”

-Hannah Schierl ’15

“I’m more comfortable now that they called Ohio. I looked at the polls, and there’s a 90 percent chance that Obama will win the electoral college. I haven’t been too concerned.”

-Bruce Kovanen ’15

Anna Meier

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