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Senate roundup

Student Senate

Student Senate met on Jan. 17 to discuss the creation of a Student Co-Curricular Enhancement Fund for the Cultural Events Committee.

This would enable the campus to bring more enhancement events such as speakers, workshops and seminars. It would cost  approximately $3,000 per term for 2013-2014, as opposed to the $2,000 a term for 2012-2013.

Unused funds will roll over into the next term into the Student Senate Restricted Fund at the end of the year. The amount of money will alter each year. Senior Rup Sarkar set the vote into motion, and it passed with no opposition.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s report — A few clubs went over budget and cannot ask for additional funds.

Dining Services — It was decided that the coffee in the cafeteria needs to be improved. Student Senate is going to ask the student body their opinion through social media. They are, also, looking into having sweet potato fries and kebabs in the cafeteria.

Secretary’s report — Senate is working on ways to remind students to use the comment box if they have any suggestions. Those interested in suggesting topics for senate to discuss were encouraged to attend the weekly meetings.

Campus Life — Special interest housing applications are due by Feb. 4. Senate will review them on Feb. 11. They are looking into new couches for the Gizmo. Clubs can also email Campus Life to promote themselves on the new digital signage.

Technology — Faster computers for Founders lab are being looked into. Furthermore, the campus is moving to streaming instead of using cable television, factoring in what students watch on cable.

Laura Rae D'Angelico

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