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SWADES to award worthy Knox students

A group named SWADES will be hosting the first annual “Knoxies,” or the Knox Student Awards, later this spring term.
The awards were created “to bring something interesting to the end of the year, and to present awards to people’s accomplishment throughout it,” freshman Abdulsalam Oganla, the founder of SWADES and the head of the award show said. The group has recently put up posters around campus in order to draw attention to the awards.

Freshman Alexis Cameron looks at one of the various Swades posters around Seymour Union. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Freshman Alexis Cameron looks at one of the various Swades posters around Seymour Union. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

When asked about the Knoxies, Oganla said that he is “doing the Knoxies. [It] should be something different from the norm that we know, something big that a lot of people can come out to.”

In more detail, the awards are “going to be a cocktail dinner and very formal. It’s going to be Knox entertainment playing throughout the night … alongside food.

Awards are big back home, and there has not been anything around [Knox] like it before,” Oganla said. “Knox students do not get an opportunity to dress up, so this would be a formal event, the awards.”

SWADES, while still pending on becoming an official club, was an idea that began with Oganla and his friends; freshmen Charles Edemba, Will McGowan and Nathaniel Logie and senior Kwesi Addo-Yobo.

When asked about how SWADES began, Oganla said that he wants it to become an “entertainment company that will launch post Knox.” He wants to “go into entertainment and event planning after Knox,” and feels that SWADES is the beginning.
Oganla will become an economics major next year, and believes that it will help SWADES grow due to his understanding of the business and the economy in Nigeria.

“I want [SWADES] to be made in Nigeria. The entertainment industry is growing, and I want to go home and [develop] some of its talent,” Oganla said.

Oganla believes that the club has a bright future and that, if cultivated correctly, it will become the “starting point” for his and his friends’ futures.

“I just want people to come out and support us,” Oganla said. “[SWADES] is something for Knox. We are in the phase of nominations right now … and I hope it will stay here when it’s accepted.”


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