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News Briefs: Storms bring chaos to Oklahoma

Community Center temporarily avoids saleNews briefs

 GALESBURG — The City voted down a proposal to sell the Community Center on Simmons Street on Monday due to strong resident opposition. A local developer, Mark Klein, has offered to buy the property for several tens of thousands of dollars more than the appraised value in order to construct a combination restaurant and brewpub. A sale would save the city $57,000 annually in upkeep costs as well as earn it revenue from property taxes on the site. Galesburg residents at the meeting argued that the value of the center goes beyond money and helps bring residents together. The decision about the future of the center will now be decided in early June. (Source: The Galesburg Register-Mail)


Tornado causes devastation in Oklahoma

MOORE, Okla. — A powerful tornado cut a devastating swath through Oklahoma on Tuesday, killing at least 24 and injuring over 200. At least seven killed were elementary school students after the storm tore through their school. The tornado, rated EF-5 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, had wind speeds of over 200 mph, also caused at least several billion dollars in property damage. Much of the destruction was concentrated on Moore, a city of 56,000 with a distinction of being hit by three major tornadoes since 1999. President Barack Obama promised federal disaster relief. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)


Man with ties to Boston bomber shot in Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — A man killed this week in a shootout with the FBI had a connection with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two Boston Marathon bombers, and was being questioned by police about an unsolved triple homicide in which Tsarnaev may have been involved. Ibragim Todashev was a suspect in the murders of three in Massachusetts in 2011, in which one of the victims was an associate of Tsarnaev. It is not known to the public why the shootout occurred. The FBI agent involved was injured in the gunfire. Todashev is not known to have any connection or knowledge of the Boston attacks. (Source: Fox News)

Iranian reformist barred from running for office

TEHRAN — Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president, was disqualified by Iran’s Guardian Council from running to regain his former position in next month’s elections. Reasons were not given for the move but it is thought to be a combination of his advanced age and his support for the country’s oppositional Green Movement. Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, an aide and ally of current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was also disqualified from running. Mr. Ahmadinejad announced his intention to raise the issue with the country’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. The disqualification of the favored candidates of both Ahmadinejad and reformists is thought to be a sign of increasing interference in the election process from the Supreme Leader himself. (Source: The Guardian)

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