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Folio looks towards future

Visual artFolio next year will be overall marked by continuity, with small tweaks around the edges for the aim of improving Knox’s visual arts journal while still keeping it open to campus.

This vision was laid out by newly appointed Creative Director junior Ashley Wolfgang, who sounded an enthusiastic note regarding her new role, saying,”I’m just really excited,” she said,” to bring it to the next level.”

Wolfgang will be the last remaining member of the magazine’s inaugural staff, which first published spring term of 2011, her freshman year.

“I was with Folio from the beginning,” she said.

She initially joined because she had a class with founder Joe Kozlowicz ’11 and successively served as layout designer and production designer before becoming head of the publication. She received the notification came while she was off-campus in Denmark.

In general, Wolfgang plans to keep most things the same on Folio, saying that she has “no grand changes” planned as of now.

Keeping the publication oriented towards all students regardless of creative background will remain a priority.

“We want to continue to make it open to campus and not just the art department,” Wolfgang said.

Keeping that in mind, she also added that she is working on reaching out to the art department with the hope that art professors will encourage their students to submit, seeking a “stronger connection with the art department.”

The biggest change she intends on making is organizational, creating new teams devoted to specific areas of art to better evaluate submissions. One team would be devoted just to paintings, for example, and another to sculpture.

The core of the magazine will remain consistent though. “We definitely want to keep our logo and publicity team. That’s what makes Folio Folio,” she said.

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