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The allure of abstract art

Covering the CFA Round Room and main hall are the abstract paintings of Chicago-based Canadian artist Magalie Guerin. The exhibit features an evolution of geometric and organic forms.

Guerin is being brought to display her work and give a talk by Chair of the Art Department and Associate Professor Mark Holmes. Guerin’s work provides an example of the current art trends moving through galleries and graduate schools.

“She is expanding the movement of abstraction; her work has an aspect of heterogeneity and pluralism,” Holmes said.

Holmes is particularly excited about giving the Knox community—faculty, art students and non-art students—the exposure. Guerin is part of a group of Chicago artists involved in the new abstract movement.

“Many people think that the abstract movement died out, but it never has,” Holmes said. “In the past ten  years there has been resurgence, especially in the Chicago area. The new abstract movement involves the use of strange shapes, idiosyncrasies and is less dominant than the minimalism and geometric universals of the 1960s.”

Guerin’s work playfully puts new meanings into archetypes. Her work causes the viewer to reconsider what he or she really knows about art or the world.

“[The viewer] can decide, can bring something to contemporary art. It values the viewer as an individual instead of dominating. There is a sensitivity of experience—a relationship to a new color, like hearing the notes of a new song,” Holmes said.

Guerin’s art will be displayed from Sept.  13 to Oct. 9 and her exhibit will culminate with a talk and reception in the Round Room at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 9.

Savannah Trent

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