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The Class of 2017 gets acquainted online

In recent years, Knox has utilized Facebook as a means to promote communication amongst its incoming classes. This is facilitated most prominently through the creation of Facebook groups for each class.

This year, members of the class of 2017 were able to introduce themselves and find others via the group, making it easier to meet new people.

“Without the Facebook group, it would have made it harder to talk to people or have a conversation starter,” said freshman Nancy Celaya.

When the group first began to gather members, they would post their name, intended major, fun facts and anything else they wanted to share. This allowed them to build relationships and make connections before arriving on campus. Freshman Kyle Hall met fellow freshman Rachel Landman when he posted “Where the vegetarians at?” on the group’s wall. “Now we hang out here [at Knox] like every day,” he said.

Some found that the transition into a new environment was eased by the comfort of already knowing someone else. Freshman Madeline Pape was not one hundred percent certain about her decision to come to Knox, but stated that once she “saw how everyone was so enthusiastic, it made me more pumped up and excited.”

The freshmen class also worked together to make sure that everyone was aware of important deadlines and to answer questions about everything from how to take the placement tests to what to bring for the dorms. The page helped freshman Margo Stanger to remember important dates, “like when forms were due, and especially with the placement tests.” Fellow students would comment on a post within minutes of it appearing, eager to share their knowledge on how to be ready for Knox.

Though classes have started and everyone is settled in, the page remains active. Many freshmen have posted their campaign slogans and posters on the page as the Student Senate elections begin.

“I just feel like it really helps to get my name out there,” said freshman JJ Nawrot. “Like I’ve even had people stop me and say, ‘Oh you’re that guy who’s running for Student Senate.’”

Additionally, there is still an occasional post relating to a question about Dining Services or the quickest route to a building on campus.

Samm Nordstedt

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