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School to change its cable package

Student SenateMajor changes in the school’s cable package were the main point of discussion as the 2013-2014 Student Senate had its first meeting of the year.

Chief Information Officer Steve Hall spoke about the school’s TV cable contract with DirecTV Campus Televideo as it moves closer to its March expiration date. Cuts from the budget are being made and, with the increases of online viewing of television shows, Hall wishes to put more money into increasing bandwidth than television channels.

The potential options are either staying with the current provider and cutting some channels or switching to Comcast. Against the current price of $90,000 per year, Comcast is $22,000 cheaper, but has less channels than DirecTV offers and gives fewer options.

In either scenario, some channels will be cut, but in neither case will it be a large number.

Hall may look into a temporary extension of the contract with DirecTV into the summer to any temporary loss of service during the school year during the transition.

To allow students to share their opinions on the matter, a survey will be sent out shortly. It will try to gauge the number of TV users and their TV viewing habits. A decision about the cable package is expected in either November or December.

Callie Rouse
Callie Rouse graduated in 2017 as a international relations major and double minor in creative writing and history. She has been involved in journalism since her sophomore year in high school and worked for The Knox Student for four years. She worked as a News Editor her sophomore to senior years. During her freshman year Callie served as Student Government Reporter.

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