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Open Mic proves to be a ‘Catch’

Customers bustle through a sea of merchandise inside the Antique Mall Monday, Sept. 30. (Jason Deschamps/TKS)

Junior Ryan Downum reads from an original poem for “Catch Out Loud” Friday, Sept. 27 at The Box. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

After Catch’s inaugural open mic event, Catch Out Loud, Catch Co-Editor and senior Christopher Poore applauded the array of talented writers and performers who showed up to support Knox’s preeminent literary magazine and had only one parting question to ask:

“Do you guys want to see another one of these next term?”

The response was a definite yes. The night provided a slew of excellent artists and it’s likely the next Catch Out Loud will bring in even more outstanding poetry, prose and music.

Catch Out Loud hit The Box on East Simmons Street at 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 27 and Poore opened up the show with a surprising tongue-in-cheek remark: “We are really excited about the turnout for the Rick Santorum poll party.”

Laughter pushed against the stark, white walls of The Box, an expansive warehouse-esque room with spectators crouched in gray folding chairs. After Poore’s opening, he lent the microphone to the first act, junior Maddie Mondeaux with a story about a stuttering sister and her scheming twin brothers, followed by sophomore Nikki Acton presenting the beginning to a novel in the works.

A change in pace in the program came with junior Eric Crawford, who rapped his original song “Soul Food” over a beat streaming from his laptop like a ghostly calliope. Crawford’s venture into hip-hop has been well-received at other campus events like the Union Board Talent Show and he did not fail to impress at Catch Out Loud.

The crowd was further galvanized when The Moonshine Kids (comprised of senior Haley Beeson and postbaccalaureate Josh Hosmer-Quint ‘13) exhibited quality riffing and filled the air with a comforting vocal combination drenched in staunch bluegrass tone. Also memorable was comedian and senior Eric Denson, who admitted that he thinks “about weird things” and discussed lying commercials, a trip to Las Vegas and talking dogs, which sent many audience members into bouts of guffawing.

Senior Grace Moran rounded out the musical acts, playing the ukelele and singing with a haunting timbre that was equal parts sunshine and downpour.

The closing act was the lively freshman Emily Trevor, who rapidly delivered her poem “It’s Tech Week,” an ode to the “unsung heroes of the theater department,” and with that Catch Out Loud concluded on a high note, the standard for great writing and solid performance upheld throughout the duration of the event. Catch Co-Editors Grace Davis and Poore thanked all who came to attend and perform, and then the crowd set into the Galesburg night, with lyric and line alike surely imprinted on their minds.

Timmy Connor

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