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Debating Columnists: Government shutdown proves to be an issue of pride

Over the past week Americans have been running around like Chicken Little yelling, “The government is shut down! The government is shut down!” There is no need to panic. The sky is not falling. Currently, the government just is not funded. The lack of a budget should certainly be concerning, but it is not grounds for mass hysteria. Although the term, “government shutdown” seems scary, it is only a temporary phenomenon. It would be economic suicide not to have a budget passed by Oct. 17, the deadline set for Congress to decide whether to raise the debt ceiling. If there is no budget agreed upon by then, the United States will default on its loans — a situation that neither political party can afford.

But one must ask, “What allowed this government shutdown to occur?” The answer to this question is simple: pride.

The people of America have spoken. They want a budget. They don’t want Obamacare. The House Republicans are trying their best to give the citizens of America what they want. So, if both political parties want a budget, but they disagree on whether they should include Obamacare in this budget, it’s obvious that Obamacare is the issue. So, how does pride play into the matter?

If Americans overwhelmingly wanted the Affordable Care Act and House Republicans refused to give in to Obama, then it would only be fair to accuse them of being prideful. But that simply is not the case. As has already been stated, Americans don’t want Obamacare! So, as it turns out, the pride that is blocking the passing of a budget is not that of House Republicans, but that of the Democrats in office, specifically Barack Obama.

Did President Obama not read any Greek literature in school? As a Harvard law school graduate, it is obvious Obama is a brilliant man. So why does he not recall the fatal flaw of so many great leaders before him? Hubris has led to the demise of political figures for thousands of years. The lesson should already have been learned: one should not seek the advancement of his or her name at the expense of the overall well-being of the people.

It is hard for one to entirely blame Obama for so desperately wanting Obamacare to pass. Without Obamacare, what will he be remembered for? Amidst all the scandals, lying and fraud, the only bright spot in Obama’s presidency is the fact that Osama bin Laden was killed during his term. Ultimately, if Obamacare fails, President Obama will go down in history as a failure, something his pride will simply not allow.

I urge the readers of this piece not to immediately blame the stubbornness of the House Republicans. Ask yourself, do you want Obamacare? Do you think Obamacare will be good for this country? Chances are that you are part of the majority who answered a resounding, “No” to these questions. If so, then understand that it would be wrong to permit a budget to pass that allowed Obamacare to continue.


Charlie Harned

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