IR department chooses books for Lawani collection

The Political Science and International Relations Department has chosen the first books on African politics and development to be purchased in Tundun Lawani’s name.

“The New Scramble for Africa” by Padraig Carmody and “Season of Rains: Africa in the World” by Stephen Ellis will be the first additions to the Tundun Lawani Memorial Book Collection on African Politics. New books will be added every year to recognize Lawani and her academic interests at Knox.

“She was our student, she had great interest and we had respect for her interest,” Department Chair Sue Hulett told TKS in May.

Any suggestions for future additions can be directed toward Assistant Professor of Political Science Daniel Beers.

“We want to make this not just a symbolic gesture, but a living memorial that will attract students to the field of African politics and enrich the learning experiences of those who are already doing research in the field,” Beers told TKS in an email.

Lawani was an International Relations major with a minor in Business and Management.


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